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I see you have big goals, and I would LOVE to help you achieve them. When I first began my career in Communications I was exactly where you are Overwhelmed, Confused, & Frustrated. You know that your business has to be present online but, there is no one supporting that branch of your business right now & your plate is full.

Chula Social is the solution! We handle the Education, Strategy, & Design that you need to stay competitive in the world of social media, freeing up your time to focus on your passion. 

Stop wasting hours of your time stressing about online communication. I am here to free you from the YouTube research. You can stop creating Instagram dances until we get a chance to chat.

Yes, you need fresh content that converts to sales. No, it does not have to be this difficult. Think about it, You have an audience of people that you can communicate with directly every day. If you create an intentional strategy you can convert relationships to sales. Let's work together to design stand-out content & build strong relationships that will help your business grow.



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You have a plan but need assistance designing the graphics or writing the content. We offer services such as campaign design, digital newsletter production, copywriting, and social media content toolkits that will help enhance your online presence.


One on one assistance can be priceless to your brand. Meet weekly to tackle topics such as profile optimization, social media best practices & target audience coaching. Access productivity templates that will help organize your efforts and propel your growth online.


You bring the ideas and we will develop an innovative and intentional strategy that you can begin implementing day one! Every strategy is unique and takes into account your unique desires and goals. Let us build the perfect plan to help grow your audience, drive traffic to your website, or convert followers to customers.


Do you have 30 minutes to grab a quick coffee? We’ll discuss everything from marketing plans to content ideas. I'm flexible with time so we can work around your schedule. Try it for FREE




At Chula Social, we are proud of the partnerships we have built with our past and current clients. We have had the pleasure of representing some of the dopest businesses and individuals in Houston and beyond. Here are some examples of the impact we are making.

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We are currently working alongside this amazing organization to develop relationship building strategies and digital design that will help them raise awareness for their mission and change the current standard of healthcare for those we love the most.



Through targeted content & micro influencers we have helped FitAf Studio connect their 24/7 fitness programming services to their Instagram audience, Helping to build engagement and drive sales

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We enjoyed working alongside the dedicated Shondra Mattos as we designed and managed her Facebook page content that not only increased engagement but also achieved a 200% increase in paid subscriptions!

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Helping build a brand's online presence from the start is where my heart is happiest. We were appreciative of the time we assisted this boutique develop event strategies and social media content that grew their online audience tremendously in just 30 days, which resulted in surpassing their monthly sales goals.


I really enjoyed working with you! A lot of times small business owners don’t have an outlet or someone in their corner to bounce ideas off of or converse about how to take the business to the level. 10/10 would refer you to a friend or colleague!

Shondra Mattos, Lactnerd Learning



Drop me a message for more information about our agency, the services we offer, or opportunities to collaborate.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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